Our goal is to provide a free indoor skatepark and community space where we can share what is most important to us

Our volunteer team are positive role models for all who come into the space and will be available to listen, teach, and help in any way possible.

The Vessel Skatepark Team!!! (Mostly)
The Shoge Family

I’ve been involved in skateboarding ministry, in one form or another, for the past 10+ years. I’ve joined already established skate ministries and started a couple, as well. After moving to Worcester in 2018, I was blown away by the need for an indoor skatepark through the brutally long winters here. God brought me, my wife (Jocelyn), and our girls up here to help start City Light Church but He had other plans too. Our dream to open a skatepark has been growing for a long time and now God brought us to the perfect place for it. – Stephen Shoge