On the edge of Webster Square at 70 James St Worcester, MA, Vessel Skatepark provides a free and safe place for young people to do what they love. The park can handle around 25 riders on skateboards, skates, or scooters that have registered for a session beforehand.


Or show up to play ping pong, board games, watch skate videos, and just hang out with friends. The park has a chill room beside the skating area and a lounge area up at the front of the park


We exist because of the generosity of people who know how much this park means to the community. We plan to offer a variety of events that engage more than just the skate community because people need community, positive role models, physical activity, creative expression, and hope. You can join us in our work to provide that.


There are a lot of opportunities to help at Vessel. We would love to learn more about you and how you could fit in best with our volunteer team